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"A thin solution of Pascalite is the best remedy we have found for poison ivy rash.  And we have tried everything."

"I love Pascalite, it works for everything I use it for."

"A friend of mine gave me Pascalite clay powder to try...I'm very impressed!  I've used it as a poultice and skin cleanser."

"I have found Pascalite to be the best cure in enough situations to know one should always have some on hand." 

"I got stung 6 or 7 times.  I applied Pascalite paste on bites, no pain or swelling or redness occurred."

"Pascalite is a good product, it helps with the healing.  I tell everyone about Pascalite."

"I use Pascalite for  burns - cuts - etc.   Keep in car at all times!"

"Thank you for offering such a wonderful product @ such an affordable price."

"I make a poultice of Pascalite clay and place it on the back of my neck.  It relieves migraine pain."

"We've had marvelous results with the Pascalite clay."

'My friend is soaking his legs and feet and the Pascalite is working. The swelling is down.  It works marvelously."

"I find that I really depend on Pascalite.  Thank-you for your good service and fine, fine product."

"I love everything about your Pascalite products, you have a customer for life."

"I love Pascalite clay!!  Baths are phenomenal!!"

"My son got sunburned and used Pascalite on it.  The next morning it was like it was never sunburned."

"We use a thick paste of Pascalite as first aid for any cut, scrape, or insect bite which is or might become infected.  We have had success even with spider and fire ant bites."

"I did some research on the internet for reputable companies, and Pascalite came out on top."

"I use Pascalite on fever blisters and it dried them up."

"Would not want to be without Pascalite powder.  Is a good all around healer for cuts, sores and burns, etc.

"A friend supplied me with your wonderful Pascalite, which has been the first thing in 7 years to help my acne."

"I used so many other clays but Pascalite is great..."

"I use Pascalite for a deodorant under arms and a bath powder after bathing."

"I have had much success using a clay poultice on my horses hooves when there has been an abscess."

"Pascalite makes a great facial!"


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